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Tikal Archaeological Site

8 +/- Hours

Tour Description

Tikal. Full day at Tikal National Park. Tikal is an UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, the first one in the Maya World, since 1979 and one of the few that has received this recognition for both its cultural and natural heritage. Intensive construction took place at Tikal from the late Pre-classic Period until the waning of Classic Maya civilization around AD 900. At its peak, the city covered about 48 square miles and had a population estimated at 55,000. Tikal's Stelae 29 bears the earliest Long Count date known in the Maya lowlands. In 292 AD, Temple IV, one of the many pyramids erected to memorialize the dead rulers of Tikal's royal dynasty, and one of the tallest of Maya structures at 212 feet, was erected. The visit to all of the above, while walking through a pristine rainforest, is interrupted by the sights and sounds of the local wildlife.

 Tour Notes

  • Comfortable walking shows recommended
  • Sequence, times and visits subject to change
  • • Excursions that are subject to climatic and marine conditions may be cancelled at any time with no prior notice.
  • Recommend sunscreen, insect repellent and a hat

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