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Post Office Bay and Baroness Lookout - Floreana Island

3 hours +/-

Tour Description

Post Office Bay on Floreana Island is the location of a wooden barrel placed there in the 18th century by the crew of a whaling ship. It has been used since this time by mariners and tourists as a post office. The idea is to carry letters or postcards to their destination by hand. This site was the landing area for some of the first colonists. Continuing to the north of the island and ascending an elevated slope, we will enjoy a beautiful vista at the Baroness Lookout. It is said that Baroness Eloisa von Wagner loved this place and spent hours watching the horizon. Within walking distance (30 m) are the ruins of what may be her house. From this lookout, the landscape covers the coastline from the Enderby Islet to Post Office Bay, as well as Cerro Pajas, a pool of flamingos, and the wide forest of Palo Santo.

 Tour Notes

  • Comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, hat, and jacket are recommended

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