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Explore Ingapirca Ruins and the Tolte's Community

8 hours +/-

Tour Description

Following breakfast, we will drive to the town of Alausi. Our first stop will be at Balbanera Church, constructed in 1534, which is one of the earliest samples of colonial architecture in South America and the first Catholic Church in Ecuador. We will continue to Alausi’s Train Station where the famous Devil’s Nose Train used to operate. Due to the land topography, this portion is a masterpiece of railway engineering, commonly named “the most difficult railway in the world.” The descent is not an ordinary one; the ride starts at an altitude of 2,346 meters and descends to 1,860 meters in just 30 minutes, on zigzag-carved railway tracks.

Afterward, the guide and driver will bring you to Tolte’s Community. You will be able to choose among different activities during your stay. You can walk down 330 stairs to a viewpoint which is a perfect place to appreciate the descent of the Devil’s Nose Train and take fabulous pictures. You may choose between horse-back riding or a biking tour in the surrounding areas of the community, and you will also be able to visit an organic local farm to see how the community develops agritourism. Here you will have lunch in a restaurant in the community while enjoying a traditional dancing show.

After this visit, we will drive to Ingapirca, the most important Inca complex located in Ecuador. It was built during the Inca expansion into Ecuador at the end of the 15th century on a site that had been occupied by the Cañari people for 500 years. Today the Temple of the Sun is the only structure that remains mostly intact. Only six km from the Ingapirca ruins, we will find the Inca baths. This is an Inca bathing complex considered a sacred place where rituals dedicated to different deities were performed. Later in the afternoon, our journey continues to Cuenca.

Note: Depending on the day we will be able to visit an Indigenous market such as Alausi, Canari, Guamote, Cajabamba or Colta.

 Tour Notes

  • Comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, hat, and jacket are recommended
  • Lunch is included

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8 hours +/- Ecuador Travel Tour