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Panama Canal and City Tour - Half Day

4 hours

Tour Description

You will start your day with a visit to the ruins of Panama’s first capital, known as Old Panama or Panama La Vieja. This city was founded in 1519 as the first Spanish settlement on the Pacific Ocean. Spanish expeditions to conquer other South American colonies left from here and returned with vast quantities of gold, attracting the attention of pirates like Henry Morgan. When this notorious pirate looted the city in 1671, the whole city was destroyed by fire, but the ruins of several impressive structures remain to this day. You will see the ruins of the Spanish fortress, as well as a museum detailing what life was like in Old Panama. Next, you will travel to Casco Antiguo, the Colonial City, which is the historic center of the modern capital a UNESCO Site. Here you will do a walking tour. You will next head through the former “Canal Zone” to see the Miraflores Locks visitor center. This includes the entrance to the Museum and access to the viewing locations. From the observation deck, you can watch as ships cross the Panama Canal and the fascinating process as they pass through the locks.

 Tour Notes

  • 4 hours 9:00am -1:00pm or 1:00pm-5:00 pm
  • Sequence, times and visits subject to change
  • Some museums are closed on Mondays

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