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Client Testimonial

Betsy and Dick D. from Colorado says...
We had a wonderful journey, hotels mostly very good, tour guides very helpful and knowledgeable, sometimes difficult to understand due to accents. Guide in Quito was very good (he only had the 2 of us to tour around) and managed to get us into the Executive line at the airport along with other Latin Trails travelers. Loved all the places we saw and the scenery everywhere was fantastic. Galapagos was so interesting, and the animals were prolific and so incredible. The Odyssey and crew were terrific. They were ALL very careful with all of us getting in and out of the Xodiacs, helping us in and out of live vests... Our naturalist (Christian was his name) was excellent and made it fun for all of us. He does his job very well.The combination of nationalities on the cruise was GREAT! We were the only Americans (born),German couple, Swiss family of 4, Israeli father and son recently moved to Texas and naturalized, British couple & a single Brit man and 2 male Ecuadorean photographers creating a piece for the company. Everyone was good about eating with different people each time we sat, and that made it most interesting. English was predominant. Food was very good, colorful and healthy. We appreciated the fact that each time we returned to the boat after an activity, especially snorkeling, that a snack was organized on the deck to refresh us.

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