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Margie S. from Colorado says...

Hi Lori, Wow!! You put together an amazing package for us and we all had such a great time!

We had a full and enjoyable tour of Old Panama. I must tell you, that [our guide] was just wonderful. She is full of enthusiasm and knows Panama well, having been raised there. A real highlight was the Miraflores locks, and delicious lunch buffet and lots of time to see the ships and have a great visual of how the locks work. Standing high up on the observation deck gave us a perfect viewing area.

Another great experience was staying at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. It really gave the feeling of being in the interior of Panama as we looked out over the jungle greenery and the Chagres river. It was well worth staying there, because of the 2 tours you planned for us, the Embera Indian Village, and the Jungle Boat Tour. These were both incredible, and I am so glad they were included. For me, personally, I will rate the Embera Indian trip as the best, basically because, even though it was a tour, it felt the most natural and untouristy. These people are just lovely, and beautiful, and peaceful, and seem to have strong character about them. I just loved the experience! The experience of the canoe, and going deep into the jungle and then wading and walking and climbing over the last big rock to the gloriously refreshing waterfall and pool was amazing. Then coming back to the village many family members came down the hill to greet us with smiles and even the men playing instruments. And in a large raised hut the Indian chief told about their about their history of his great grandfather coming from Columbia to bring his people out of the atmosphere they were experiencing with drugs and violence, made me admire and appreciate them and their lifestyle. He gave us opportunity to ask questions, and was in no hurry as he talked with us. There is so much I could say, about how nicely we were served lunch, and the enjoyment of the villagers dancing for us.

The Jungle Boat Tour was also such a hit. It was fun having such a special spot in the setting of the jungle and river and enjoying time of relaxation. The kayak trip was great. There was a refreshing treat at the end as again we waded and walked on the trail to arrive at a waterfall and swimming hole. We returned back to the floating lodge and we had been back only a few minutes when a large alligator, at least 10 feet long, came slowly and nonchalantly swimming by near the shore by the lodge. It was as if by cue that he came by.

Thank you Lori for making this event possible and so enjoyable.


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