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Marjorie M. from Washington says...

My decision to visit Panama, a little late out the door, was made in late December for an early February trip. I contacted five tour companies and within an hour I received a return email from Lori Snow at Condor. Lori then spent the next week fine-tuning my trip on an almost hourly basis. I requested a private tour, with boutique hotels, that balanced a heavy dose of nature, indigenous and folkloric culture, the Canal and the contemporary art world of Panama. As I am on the west coast and Condor Tours and Travel are on the east, Lori was working 12-15 hour days to serve me. The first week I think I monopolized Lori’s every waking hour. During the following weeks I still had many questions about every detail. Lori was always “service with a smile,” often calling me by phone to discuss my concerns. The trip had the exact mix that I requested. I was pleased that the Canal components were scheduled at the beginning and end of the trip, so that my husband could have an engineering immersion before and after my mola shopping. We had a couple of good hikes, saw lots of rain forest, one amazing petroglyph, and several not so amazing glyphs, three kinds of monkeys, and amazing tropical flowers and birds. I had some very personal interactions with the Kuna, Embera, and Ngobe Bugle peoples as well as some descendants of the slaves from the Congo. We also loved the folkloric dinner theater experience in Panama City. Ok we didn’t love the food, but the dancing and music were great! Lori’s ground crew in Panama were careful to get us where we needed to be on time, even if it once required a 4:30 am pick-up. I was particularly grateful for the three days that we had with their guide Roberto. Roberto knew his history, his flora and fauna. But more then that, Roberto’s warmth and willingness to field questions on every topic gave our visit so much more depth. He even found for us a cashew fruit and a howler monkey, just because I mentioned I had never seen either. And thank you to Rafael, who managed to find every contemporary art gallery in town, via his personal social network. The ground crew was frequently on the phone with us, just to check in. Lori happened to be in Panama while we were in Panama so we had a live chat in country, and five days back into the states I received a follow up phone call from Lori. Thank you Lori Snow for all of the personal SERVICE!


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