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Client Testimonial

Rochelle T. from Arizona says...
Dear Lori,

I want to thank you for putting together an absolutely awesome trip to Panama. Considering that we represented 4 generations, it had to be a challenge and it turned out great.

I did back down on the zip line. Figured at age 77, I didn't need to do that. Shelly and Cody loved it and said that I would have liked it too. On the jungle boat tour we opted for fishing instead of kayaking, and it was good to have a choice that wasn't quite so physical.

Both hotels were wonderful. The Gamboa Resort and Tours were our favorite. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. We got back late from the jungle boat tour and a marina employee actually took us up to the hotel in his pickup.

The Westin Playa Bonita was beautiful and sooo modern. Loved the view of Taboga Island which brought back happy memories.

Again, thank you so much for our wonderful trip to Panama.


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