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Client Testimonial

Daniel W. from New York says...

Our trip was everything we expected and more. Of critical importance was the handling of all our transfers and tour guides and that was expertly done by Condor Travel in every instance. I won't go into all the details, but suffice it to say that there were a few experiences that stood out above the others. First the stay in Lima was quite good. The B Hotel was exceptionally nice, well worth the extra $100. Everything about it was superlative. Our guide Ricardo was kind enough to take us on a short detour to the place I stayed at 55 years ago. Of course it is now occupied by a commercial company but nonetheless the structure is still there and it brought back fond memories.

The Cusco guide, Gladys Soto, was exceptionally good - low key, knowledgeable, pleasant, and capable of handling any and all questions and situations presented to her. The visit to the small village and having lunch there, visiting the llama clothing store, and the tour of Cusco and surroundings were most memorable. Of course, the Inkaterra Hotel was another of those standout locations to remember as exceptional.

Machu Picchu, in spite of the rain, was a cultural, visual, and historical gem of highest degree. Its existence is testimony of the creativity, stamina, tenacity, and inherent intelligence of the native peoples to survive and thrive in such a demanding location. The train ride to and from Machu Picchu Pueblo was most enjoyable. I also had an in depth conversation and analysis of the how and why the site was developed by the Peruvians of the day and their religion before and after the invasion of the Spanish.

The old world charm, elegance, and contemporary functioning of the B Hotel and the Inkaterra Hotel were much appreciated and admired by my wife (who is a tour guide at a local 200 year old mansion) and me. We are recommending it to our friends as a trip well worth taking.


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