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Client Testimonial

Dave C. from Washington says...

Hi Lori,

I arrived in Portland late last night after a wonderful trip to Panama! Many thanks to you and to your staff for all you did for me and my family; every arrangement you made went without a hitch. We are all very appreciative! I will certainly recommend Condor Tours and Travel to my friends. By the way, the Hotel Riu Plaza is stellar in all aspects, including the breakfast buffet! I would also recommend the Taboga Palace Spa Hotel; it, too, is excellent! And the Calaloo restaurant on Taboga has excellent food, and is a small, quaint place with a view of the ocean. Not too shabby that the owner is Canadian and serves Caesars, the Bloody Mary-type drink made with Clamato, which I can never find in the U.S. but make regularly in Victoria.

Best, Dave


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