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James K. from Ohio says...

We want to comment about our fabulous trip. We are so grateful for such an excellent itinerary. Truly a trip of our lifetime.

The tour guides were superior! They all were so personable, kind and made us feel safe and secure. We never had a problem with language and carried on great conversations about our tour and life in Peru. While at Machu Picchu, Senor Williams was so wonderful in helping us walk around and exploring this magnificent site.

Our tour to the Sacred Valley began with expert guiding from Oscar to arrive at our " Tambo", the incredible Tambo Del Inca resort. What a property! This stay was "out of this world" with stunning vistas to King & Queen service. And food? Wow! We continued our tours of the Sacred Valley on Tuesday in Cinchero, experiencing & purchasing authentic Peruvian scarves & throws and visiting the original Inca settlement and understanding the colonial impact of the Spaniards. The Spanish Church there in Cinchero is a "must see". It's old, authentic, dark, cold and you feel like you were there 400 + years ago. In the afternoon, our guide took us by car to Ollanataytambo, the Inca fortress and battle site. Stunning high terraces.

We continued on the Peru Train to Agua Calientes and Machu Picchu. We loved this experience as we traveled via rail weaving throughout the valley with sights of snow/ice capped "Veronica" and then entering the " jungle environment arriving at the town of Agua Calientes. Once we reached our summit - Machu Picchu... No words, just the pinnacle experience. We are so humbled. Great plan to visit twice. You can not take it all in with one visit.

On to Cusco, the finale. It was a great finish. A stunning Motel, the Belmond Monastario. Unreal to be housed in a 1600's monastery! These guys treated us again like Inca Kings and Queens, with superior personable service and fantastic food. Again, our guide came Saturday afternoon and provided a short city tour of several historic sites around Cusco (the Main Square to Sacsayhuaman). Just wonderful. We especially enjoyed driving around Cusco with super narrow streets and elevations. What a trip!

Wow, what a jaw dropping experience. Thank you so much!


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