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Client Testimonial

A. B. from says...

I want to thank you for arranging my latest trip to Havana. I want to particularly thank Condor for their efforts.

Specifically, the guide they found for me was fantastic. He more than met my expectations as he worked tirelessly on my behalf. Beyond adjusting to my expressed preferences, he continuously reviewed and took note of my needs.

Often, the relationship between guide and guest can be strained and uncomfortable. My guide's commitment and enthusiasm made the relationship more that of friends than of employer/employee. I would enthusiastically and unhesitatingly recommend him to your future clients.

Feel free to share my thoughts with Condor, expressing to them my great appreciation for their work. This being only my most recent trip to Havana, I do have some experience with the travel agencies that serve the city. None have come close to the quality that Condor provided.


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