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Ted D. from British Columbia says...

Dear Lori and staff at Condor Tours & Travel

Our most recent trip this past May 2016 with Condor Tours & Travel was a combined trip to the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu. The dates for our adventure were based upon good information from Condor. The weather at Machu Picchu was clear and bright and we could access all parts of the sight. As well, their recommendation for going to the Galapagos at the end of warm season gave us the benefit of warm water for snorkeling and observing a multitude of bird and animal species.

During the planning stages, my wife and I really appreciated the flexibility demonstrated by Condor in allowing us to choose the hotels that we would be staying in. Trying to keep within budget constraints and yet have quality accommodation, all of the hotels were clean, well appointed and the staff was first rate. From the time that we finalized the trip to our departure date, a period of seven months, Condor made us aware of airline developments or the need to make minor itinerary adjustments. These were done quickly and efficiently by them based on their expert advice.

Upon our arrival in Ecuador we spent three nights in Quito, which included a full day tour of the city, and then onto the Galapagos. Our tour of the Galapagos was four nights/four days aboard the MV Eden. Condor provided us with several recommendations for a sixteen-passenger vessel and we chose the Eden based upon its itinerary and cost. Even though it was rated as three stars, everything about the ship, its crew and the services provided were five stars. The crew was friendly, helpful and displayed a wonderful sense of humor with the passengers. Our on board guide and naturalist for the island tours was extremely knowledgeable, well organized, friendly and considered the passengers opinions, where possible, when planning our daily itineraries. The Galapagos experience was beyond all expectations. My wife and I both wish that we could have had another evening on the vessel and a few days to visit Port Ayore.

After the Galapagos we overnighted in Lima on our way to the Machu Picchu leg of our adventure. This portion of our trip included six different transfers between hotels, airports or train stations, five different tours and five hotels. Condor’s meticulous organization made all travel between locations, transfers to and from hotels to airports seamless. Drivers and tour company reps arrived for hotel or airport pick up on time, were courteous and their assistance at the airports was invaluable. Our journey included four private tours and one that was part of a group. Each of the tour guides spoke very good English, presented themselves in a professional manner, was knowledgeable about the sight that was being visited, readily answered questions and maintained a pace that was comfortable for enjoying the specific location.

We have had the pleasure and success now in arranging three trips with Condor and will continue to use their services in the future. Lori and her staff are professional, knowledgeable and go out of their way to make visiting other countries a memorable experience. Our bucket list still has many locations to visit and we will be using Condor to help us “check off” the list.


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