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Celia M. from California says...

Buenos Dias Lori,

We returned safe and sound from our trip last Friday and I have been anxious to sit down and write you about our experience. First, I have to say that the entire two weeks went off without a hitch and everyone we met from Condor Travel were as good as it gets.

Beginning with our arrival at Quito, we had a great time in the city, exploring, eating, walking, taking in the sites. We were there on a Sunday and got to experience the open air market and street closure so families could stroll and enjoy the day in the town squares. We felt like locals! The Hotel Andaluz Patio was wonderful as was the food. The day we were leaving, the President\'s motorcade drove right by us on his way to the Presidential Palace.

The Seaman Journey - We could have stayed an extra couple of days it was so amazing. Each day was different and the animals/birds/fish all put on a show for us! We loved the boat life and thank you, thank you, thank you for insisting we take the matrimonial suite. It was private, roomy, and comfortable, and very clean. Our guide Camello, was awesome and the staff so friendly and attentive. I don\'t know how he does it, but the chef was incredible!!! Our meals and snacks were healthy, delicious, and creative.

We so enjoyed the structure of each day, our panga trips to the islands and our hikes/swims/snorkeling. I think the highlight was the snorkeling at Devils Crown. It took your breath away. We swam with thousands of beautiful fish, sharks, turtles, rays, sea lions. It was just amazing. The blue footed boobies were delightful and so interesting to watch; we saw the first arrival of the Albatross on the islands for the season. Also 3 Galapagos\' hawks that had not been seen for a while and an abundance of iguanas, turtles and sea lions. We so enjoyed our hikes and swims - the weather was hot and humid but perfect.

Peru - So amazing and when i walked through the gate at Machu Picchu, I cried. Everything we did in Peru was so interesting, amazing and enlightening. All the ruins, the salt mines, the agriculture ruins were incredible, Saqsaywaman. The itinerary couldn\'t have been better - kept us busy but we loved every minute. All our guides were wonderful - Efrian (Quito), Camello (Seaman Journey), Washington, Elliot, Percy (Machu Picchu) - distinctive personalities with an obvious passion for their country and their heritage. All the hotels were first class. We loved the Hotel B in Lima but got there late at night (10:30) and left first thing in the morning - we all would have liked more time there but I know we gave you a time frame due to work schedules.

We cannot say enough about Peru - the people - the history - the food - the terrain - the archaeology - We loved it! We would definitely go back to both Ecuador and Peru - maybe an Amazon river trip??? We had perfect weather in Peru as well. The day we went to Machu Picchu, it started out gloriously beautiful and then about 1:30 the rain came (but only for about 30 or 45 minutes). That night, it rained most of the night (the Inka Terra was a perfect hotel for listening to the rain) and when we ascended Machu Picchu the 2nd day, it was very magical and mysterious - shrouded in clouds/fog coming in and leaving and doing the fog dance. We got there early and did the Bridge Hike and seemed to have the place to ourselves for a while. I loved the trail to the bridge. We originally planned to go to Sun Gate, but because of the rain/clouds it wasn\'t possible to see the sun rise and our guide said he thought the hike to the bridge was more interesting....we really enjoyed it and enjoyed being on our own as well.

Thank YOU, Sue, and all your staff for your hard work and making this trip The Best Trip Ever!!! Muchos gracias para todo - abrazos y besos!!!


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