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Classic Colombia

10 Days / 9 Nights

Package Overview

Dive into the culture of Colombia by seeing and learning about the "Classic Colombia"! Enjoy the amazing views at Monserrate Hill, and taste delicious fresh Colombian Coffee. From the cultural landscapes to the Butterfly Garden you'll get to experience some of Colombia's best!

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Package starting at: $3250.00 PP * Prices based on double occupancy. Prices per person in USD.

Travel Itinerary

Day 1



Transfer from El Dorado International airport on private service to selected hotel with English-speaking guide. Ovenight at the selected hotel.

Private transportation with driver and English speaking guide.

Day 2

Bogota – City Tour with Monserrate Hill and Paloquemao (B/L/-)

City tour + Monserrate Hill in private service with English-speaking guide. Visit to Paloquemao central market. Lunch included. Overnight in Bogota at selected hotel.

The tour starts with an early morning visit to the Paloquemao’s Market. This is one of the largest and most important markets in the country. Paloquemao presents the perfect mix of the old and new Bogotá and offers a great insight into the life and customs of the people from Bogotá. You will find a large variety of flowers, exotic fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, cheese, medicinal herbs as well as typical food. Everything is fresh and arrives daily to Bogotá from all regions of Colombia. You will have the opportunity to live a unique cultural experience, tasting some exotic fruits and enjoying a small snack during the visit.

Afterwards visit the famous and well preserved historical colonial quarter of La Candelaria. Steeped in history, this area is a must for photographers with its splendid colonial architecture; you will want to take the opportunity to capture the sights and sounds of this fascinating part of Bogotá. Walk through the streets permeating with the heady atmosphere of the past, as revealed by the library of Luis Angel Arango and down to the prominent Plaza de Bolivar, the heart of Bogotá, where locals and visitors mingle amongst the magnificent and foreboding structures. You will want to discover the history of this old part of the city by visiting the Cathedral, the Congress Palace, the Cardinal’s Palace, the colonial churches of El Sagrario and San Agustin, the Independence House, the Palace of Justice and the City Hall which are all located in this impressive square.

Continuing to the east, on top of the forested mountains, you will find “Cerro de Monserrate”. This mountain has a white catholic church located at the top and has been a site of worship since 1657. On a clear day you will have the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view of the city. You also might see snowcap of “Nevado del Tolima” on the far west side.

The tour then follows with a visit to the “Museo del Oro”, the most important gold museum in the world and a ‘must see’ when traveling to Bogotá. This museum displays one of the largest collections of pre-Columbian gold. Galleries on three levels display exquisitely crafted pieces dating back nearly 2.500 years. Visit the vault-like room on the top floor where the most treasured pieces are displayed, as well as the Offering Room, where passengers enter a black circular area that is gradually illuminated with indigenous music playing in the background; the light begins to dawn, and finally a remarkable display of gold offering collection is discovered.

The tour ends with a visit to the “Museo de Botero”, housed in a renovated colonial mansion. The works on display are all donated by Fernando Botero, Colombia’s most famous contemporary artist. Around 120 pieces of his own work are displayed at the museum including his famous sculptures, paintings and drawings. His work is well-known for the ‘proportionally exaggerated’ fat figures. In addition to his work, his personal collection by Picasso, Renoir, Dalí, Degas, Chagall, Matisse, Monet and Giacometti are also exhibited.

Overnight at selected hotel.

Day 3

Bogota – Zipaquirá’s Salt Cathedral / Villa de Leyva (B/-/-)

Tour to Zipaquirá’s Salt Cathedral on private service with English-speaking guide. Transfer to Villa de Leyva on private service with English-speaking guide. Overnight at the selected hotel.

Driven through the northern residential area of the city, and through the fertile plateau to the small town of Zipaquirá. Experience this extraordinary architecture where the Stations of the Cross and three naves are eerily illuminated along with other sculptures and cavernous pools; all hewn from the salt mine tunnels under the Halite Mountains. Though a popular tourist destination it is still a place of pilgrimage for the local community.

The next stop is at the town of Sutatausa. In the center of the town lays the colonial church of Sutatausa. Here admire the excellently preserved and unique wall paintings made by an anonymous artist during the XVII century. The paintings show, among others, a native woman dressed with Indian textiles, which probably were worn during Sunday service. After the tour a short drive to a traditional Andean restaurant where lunch can be purchased.

Following lunch (not included) a one hour drive to the town of Raquira, famous for its pottery, colorful buildings and colony of artisans. Before entering the town, there will be an opportunity to a visit to one of the factories where clay pots and decoration are made by the community. Visitors will observe the different processes of production of this traditional handicraft. Have cameras at the ready as there will be free time to stroll around this quaint and colorful ‘pueblo’ (town) to take pictures of the uniquely decoratively hand-painted buildings.

Close to Raquira rests Monasterio La Candelaria the first convent built in Latin America in the year 1604. There will be a short tour of the convent to stroll around the cloisters to see exhibits of artworks and antiques before setting off for Villa de Leyva in the late afternoon. Transfer to your hotel for overnight stay.

Overnight at selected hotel.

Day 4

Villa de Leyva / Medellín (B/-/-)

Private transfer from Villa de Leyva to Bogotá’s airport. Flight to Medellín. Private transfer from Medellín’s airport to hotel. Overnight in Medellín at selected hotel.

Day 5

Medellín’s Social Transformation tour (B/L/-)

Medellín’s Social Transformation tour in private service + English speaking guide. Lunch is included at typical restaurant. Overnight in Medellín at selected hotel.

Our guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel to start a tour of about eight hours. You will experience the social transformation that the city has had, from the times it was consider the capital of drug trafficking in the decades of the 80s and 90s, to being an example of progress and civic culture now a days. At the end of this tour, you will understand why Medellin is one of the most special and interesting cities in Colombia.

Transfer to El Poblado you will visit three places, which are linked, to the history of the drug lord Pablo Escobar: The Monaco Building, la Virgen de los Sicarios and his tomb in the Central Cemetery. During this part of the tour, our guide will introduce you to key aspects of social problems generated by the Medellin Cartel and Escobar and its impact to the city between 1984 and 1994, year in which the famous drug trafficker was killed.

Afterwards, going through the Avenida del Rio to reach the city’s downtown and visit the “Parque de las Esculturas” also known as the Plaza de Botero, which has an outdoor display of 23 sculptures of Fernando Botero. Then continue to Pies Descalzos Park, which is a place for relaxation. This park is located in the middle of the city. Then you will go to the Museum of Antioquia, which houses the public collection of pre-Hispanic, republican and contemporary art of the most important national and international artists of the region.

Then you will be transfer to the Metro Cable, the first cable car system that works as means of public transport. You will take the route to Santo Domingo Savio neighborhood in which you will visit the Spain Library, designed by Giancarlo Mazzanti, Colombian; it is one of the 5 library-parks in town.

Here you will appreciate its stunning design while enjoying an interpreted tour which shows an overview of the significant socio-cultural transformation the city has had.

We continue with a scenic tour of the Arví Park, which has 16,000 acres of saltwater ecosystems, pre-Hispanic roads and a market operated by local producers and entrepreneurs.

We will have lunch in a typical local restaurant.

The tour continues through the Cerro Nutibara, Medellin’s natural viewpoint, to visit Pueblito Paisa, a replica of an ancient Paisa town constructed in 1978. Our guide will instruct you about characteristics and idiosyncrasies of the Paisa culture while you enjoy a typical local snack touring in the the central square or the Pueblito’s fonda.

Continue to learn more about the paisas in Sabaneta, a small town near Medellin where you can sample the regional liquor in a typical fonda.

The tour ends in one of Medellin’s trendy zones located in the area of El Poblado, the Parque Lleras. Here you will have the opportunity to feel the festive atmosphere of Medellin and its people, and you will find the best bars and restaurants in town. Your guide will suggest the best one according to your preferences.

Transfer back to hotel. Overnight accommodations at selected hotel.

Day 6

Medellín/CCL: On the road to the Coffee Cultural Landscape (B/L/-)

Private transfer from Medellín’s selected hotel to Coffee Cultural Landscape (CCL) hotel. Overnight in Medellín at selected hotel.

Follow the steps of Antioquian colonizers who, looking for progress, took the coffee from Medellín across the Andean West region of the country, establishing a model of small pieces of ground that generated a strong and unique social fabric that represents an important part of Colombian culture. The transfer from Medellín to Jardín, and after to the Coffee Cultural Landscape, will show you some representative spots of this characteristic Colombian region.

Our guide will meet you at your hotel’s lobby in Medellín to begin a drive that will goes through the south of the Aburrá Valley. This journey will be plenty of breathtaking sceneries where the mountain coffee fields are protagonists, as also the old-fashioned atmosphere of the coffee towns that will make you feel the close and ancient link that the inhabitants have developed with this land.

Lunch is included on the way, and after 3 hours of travelling, you will be reaching Jardín, where a local guide will introduce the town history, main spots and its particular dynamic and atmosphere that will make you feel like stepped on time.

You will continue the trip through the Coffee Cultural Landscape, between tintos and aguardientes for other 3 or 4 hours approximately depending in your hotel’s location.

Overnight at selected hotel.

Day 7

CCL – Filandia, Salento & The Cocora Valley (B/L/-)

Visit to Filandia, Salento and Cocora Valley in private service with English-speaking guide. Lunch included. Overnight at selected hotel.

Join us for a visit to the traditional village of Filandia, where you will enjoy a tour around the small town. You will visit main attractions like the Plaza de Bolívar, the colonial streets and houses as well as the typical “fondas” (restaurant-bars) for a taste of the local liquor of the region. Next visit Quindío’s Viewpoint for an amazing view of the Coffee Triangle.

Continue with a visit to the beautiful Cocora Valley located in the department of Quindío. This majestic valley is home to the wax palm, Colombia’s national tree and the tallest variety of palm tree in the world. These palms can measure up to 190 feet tall and live more than 120 years.

Be amazed by the natural beauty and diversity of fauna and flora that you will encounter throughout the valley. Once you arrive, you will be welcomed with a typical cocktail called “canelazo”. Afterwards you will visit the misty forest where our guide will explain to you the importance of protecting and conserving this beautiful ecosystem. It is a great opportunity to take some pictures.

The tour continues with the “Ritual de la Palma”, a way to help preserve the wax palms. Visitors from all around the world have helped plant future wax palms at the park; you will also be able to grow your own palm tree for eternity.

Next, you will visit the town of Salento. Founded in 1842, Salento was one of the first settlements in the Quindío state and still today, it preserves its colonial bahareque architecture. Salento’s centuries buildings are awash in harmonious color, especially along Calle Real, the main street lined end to end with restaurants, bars, handicrafts shops and souvenir stores.

A typical lunch with smoked trout is included at the Cocora Valley.

Transfer back to selected hotel and overnight.

Day 8

CCL–Inspiration tour & Butterfly Garden / Cartagena (B/L/-)

Columbia’s Inspiration Coffee tour with English-speaking guide. Lunch included. Botanic & Butterfly garden visit with English-speaking guide. Flight to Cartagena (not included). Transfer from Cartagena’s airport on private service to selected hotel with English-speaking guide. Overnight at selected hotel.

Breakfast and after that, transfer to Armenia to do a shared (escorted by our private tour guide service) Inspiration Coffee Tour at Hacienda Combia. Hacienda Combia is a coffee farm that has developed a unique tour, composed of nine stops that recreates the essential elements, environmental conditions and technical processes that are needed to grow Colombia’s high quality coffee. Weaving a basket for collecting coffee, getting into a bird’s nest or feeling a relaxing water current under your feet, are some of the creative activities that this tour offers, with the aims of developing a sensory connection between the visitor and the coffee cup soul. After lunch, the next stop will be at Quindío’s Botanical & Butterfly garden. Ten hectares of Andean forest, harboring 850 native flora and approx. 180 butterfly species: a 2 kilometers soft walking tour surrounded of color, movement and life. The garden has a vast diversity of flora and fauna, including 500 species of plants, 1500 species of butterflies and 126 species of birds. Also, you will find one of the most beautiful butterfly gardens of the world with 2000 specimens of 60 different native butterfly species.

Join us for an adventure full of magic and natural beauty, you won’t regret visiting the amazing Botanical Garden of Quindío.

Once finished the tour, you will be transferred to the airport to take your flight to Cartagena.

Check in and overnight at selected hotel in Cartagena.

Day 9

Cartagena – Colonial Tour & Real Food, People, Places (B/-/-)

Cartagena’s Colonial Tour on private service with English-speaking tour guide. Real Food, Real People, Real Places private tour with English-speaking tour guide. Overnight at the selected hotel.

The tour begins with a visit to the “Convento de la Popa”, where the city’s highest point is located and you can enjoy the best view of the beautiful city of Cartagena. The Augustinian Monks built this convent in the 17th century. Initially it was just a small wooden chapel, but later it was replaced by a strong construction, which still remains.

Continue with a visit to the “Castillo de San Felipe”. The Spaniards built this castle in the 1600s and it is the greatest and strongest fortress ever built in a Spanish colony. Located at the top of San Lázaro hill, its purpose was to protect and guard the city’s landward side from any attack or invasion. This fortress provides a complex system of tunnels connected with strategic points to distribute provisions and facilitate a possible evacuation. Additionally, the tunnel’s architecture was built so that any noise would echo along them, in order to make internal communications easier and hear even the slightest sound of the enemies approaching.

Afterwards, a walk through “Las Bóvedas” is included. These 23 vaults were built in the 18th century and they are considered the last major colonial construction made within the city walls for military purposes. The vaults were used as storerooms for munitions and provisions by the Spaniards, and later on, they became jail cells. Nowadays, they are used as crafts markets where you can find handicrafts, antiques, galleries, jewelry, clothing and souvenirs, among other things.

At the end of the tour you will take a walk through the inner walled section of the colonial city. Discover Cartagena’s rich history and beautiful colonial architecture where you will admire the old houses, stunning balconies and different little squares. You will know more about the culture of Cartagena and its interesting architecture as you walk through the different cobbled streets and plazas; each street has a different story to tell. You will also see this city alive, with its students, vendors, and all the people that live there.

Day 10

Cartagena / Next destination (B/-/-)

Transfer from selected hotel to Cartagena’s airport on private service with English-speaking guide.

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  • Transportation airport / hotel / airport.
  • Nights of accommodation in single / double rooms.
  • Entrance fees and activities as described in the program.
  • Meals as described in the program.
  • Hotel taxes.
  • Private services with local English-speaking guides.

 Package Does Not Include

  • International air fares or domestic air fares.
  • Meals or any other item not described in the itinerary.
  • Early check-in, late check-out, services and non-mentioned meals in the itinerary.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Drinks during meals, hotel extras and personal spending.
  • Gratuities
  • Activities not described in the program.
  • Meals not described in the program.
  • Airport taxes.

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Colombia Package 8 of 12

10 Days / 9 Nights Colombia Vacation Package

General Information

  • Capital: Bogotá
  • Government: Republic; executive branch dom
  • Currency: Colombian peso (COP)
  • Area: 1,138,910 km2
  • Population: 45,393,050 (March 2010 est.)
  • Language: Spanish (official), indigenous languages in tribal regions
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 90%
  • Electricity: N/A
  • Calling Code: +57
  • Time Zone: UTC -5

Points of Interest

  • Bogota
  • Monserrate Hill and Paloquemao
  • Museo del Oro & Museo de Botero
  • Zipaquirá’s Salt Cathedral & Villa de Leyva
  • Sutatausa & Raquira
  • Villa de Leyva & Medellín
  • El Poblado
  • Coffee Cultural Landscape
  • Filandia, Salento & The Cocora Valley
  • Inspiration tour, Butterfly Garden, & Cartagena