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Experience Argentina & Chile

11 Days/10 Nights

Package Overview


Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world and the second largest in South America. It is the largest Spanish speaking nation. It is framed by the Andes Mountains and neighbour to Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. It is known officially the Argentine Republic.

Argentina is diverse in eco systems from Patagonia region to the northern Desert and the rainforest with Iguazu falls.


Chile is a country of extreme contrasts with an amazing variety of geographical features, from the desert in the North to the ancient glaciers in Patagonia. The East is framed by the majestic Andes mountain range; the Pacific Ocean coast, with its beaches and islands mark the west; while lakes, volcanoes, wine valleys and native forests are scattered the length of the country.

Chile, as well as enjoying a stable economy, has been nominated among the most serious and transparent countries in the world with regards to business practices. In security Chile is the leader in Latin America.

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Package Pricing

Package starting at: $2835.00 PP * Prices based on double occupancy. Prices per person in USD.

Travel Itinerary

Day 1



- Meet and greet your guide at the airport and transfer to your Hotel.


- This entertaining tour consists in visiting the main attractions of Santiago, the country’s most important cultural, cosmopolitan and artistic hub.

- We start out with a visit to the highpoints of the city’s civic center, such as Cerro Santa Lucia (a centrally located historic urban park), the La Moneda Palace (presidential offices) and the traditional Plaza de Armas square, a meeting place for Santiago’s diverse and multicultural expressions.

- Buildings of historical value can be found in the neighborhood, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, National Museum of History and Central Post Office. We later walk through the Parque Forestal, a park running parallel to the Mapocho river with a variety of tree species offering a refreshing break from the urban agitation of the city’s center, and continue on to Barrio Bellavista, Santiago’s bohemian neighborhood, with some of the best bars and restaurants in the city.

- Return to hotel.

- A visit to Cerro San Cristobal is included in this excursion.

Overnight accommodations.

Day 2


Santiago - Valparaiso & Viña del Mar - Santiago

- Morning departure to enjoy a delightful visit to two cities located on the Pacific coast that is just one hour and half by car from Santiago.

- Our drive will pass through the Casablanca wine region. Once we arrive to the coast, we’ll first visit Viña del Mar, also known as the “Garden City” because of its beautiful beaches, lovely parks and flower garden landscapes (such as the famous flower watch).

- It has become one of the central region’s most important tourism attractions. The peaceful seascape is an attractive complement for the city’s modern streets and infrastructure, turning it into an entertaining hub in constant movement.

- Our second destination is the picturesque city-port of Valparaiso, founded in the 16th century. You’ll marvel at the contrast between both cities, as the stylishness and beach culture of Viña is replaced here by a much more popular and artistic style.

- The port was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 2003 and offers a unique and fascinating architectural adventure.

- We will also visit the Pablo Neruda Museum “La Sebastiana,” the former home of Pablo Neruda (one of Chile’s most renowned poets who was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature,).

Overnight accommodations.

Day 3


Easter Island

- Transfer to Santiago´s airport for flight to Easter Island.

- Meet at Mataveri Airport and transfer to the Hotel.

Overnight accommodations.

Day 4


Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki & Anakena

- Drive to the southcoast coast and visit representative examples of not restored platforms, Ahus Vaihu in the bay of Hanga Te’e, and Akahanga, where supposedly the famous king Hotu Matua was buried.

- Proceed to Rano Raraku, quarry of almost 900 stone statues, 397 of them still lying or standing at the slopes of the extinct volcano with crater lake. Then visit Ahu Tongariki (restored with 15 Moais), most recent and biggest restoration on the island. Drive to the eastcoast and visit Ahu Te Pito Kura and the “Navel of the World”. Last but not least visit the beach of Anakena with its restored Ahus Nau Nau and Ature Huke. There you will have the opportunity to enjoy the warm Pacific Ocean. Picnic Lunch included at Rano Raraku.

Picnic Lunch included at Anakena

Accommodations (B/BL)

Day 5


Orongo & Ahu Akivi


- Drive up the extinct volcano Rano Kau, on the way you could observe a view over the whole island and see its distinct geological features, proceed to an outlook at the crater lake.

- Afterwards drive to the ceremonial village of Orongo, where the birdman competition took place and you can see the spectacular petroglyphs related to this culture, enjoy the breathtaking view towards the 3 islets Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao opposite the coast.

- Drive down again to Ahu Vinapu (not restored) and for some still proof of the influence of pre-inca arquitects in Easter Island culture.

- Last stop is Ana Kai Tangata cave with paintings.


- Drive to restored Ahu Akivi with 7 Moais, built in the middle of the island.

- The legend tells us that these statues are representing the 7 explorers who were sent to Rapa Nui by the king Hotu Matua. Proceed to the unrestored Ahu Hanga Poukura.

- Then visit the topknot-quarry Puna Pau with its red scoria stone, where all the Pukaos were made. We will also visit the ceremonial site of Tahai with 3 Ahus and restored statues, remains of boathouses, a boatramp and other features.

- Here we see the only statue with eyes.

- Return to the hotel.

Overnight accommodations.

Day 6


Easter Island - Santiago

- At the agreed time transfer to airport for your flight to Santiago.

- Arrive to Santiago and transfer to local hotel.

Overnight accommodations.

Day 7


Chile to Argentina - Buenos Aires Tour

- Transfer to Santiago´s airport for flight to Buenos Aires.

- Arrive at the airport, welcome to Argentina!


- We will discover the magic of Buenos Aires in a city tour in which you will visit the outstanding building of the ancient Council, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Capitol (better known as "Pink House").

- The buildings that surround the "Mayo Square" consist of the above mentioned spots. The tour also includes the magnificent areas of Recoleta and Palermo, with their beautiful parks and buildings, the Colon theatre, one of the five most important Opera theatres of the world and many other buildings and palaces of architectural, historical and cultural value.

- We will visit San Telmo area, one of the most antique districts of the city, as well as the Boca district, with its "caminito"- a picturesque pedestrian street, where you will find its colorful metal sheet tenements.

- Finally, the tour will lead us to the recently recycled district of Puerto Madero, old area of the Buenos Aires port.


- Several well-known musical centers of the city offer the chance of enjoying all the magic and charm of Tango, star of the night, while delighting an excellent gastronomy of international level.

- The show goes through the history of the tango and life at the beginning of last century, with different dance couples and famous singers of tango.

Overnight accommodations.

Day 8


April Gaucho Party


- It is a visit to a very typical ranch of the Argentinean humid pampas, one of the most fertile meadows of the world and very famous for meat and cereal production.

- Over there you will be able to enjoy horse ride tours, a "regional barbecue", music shows, folk dances and other shows of gaucho skills, as ring and "cuadreras" races.

- Most of the ranches have their own museum, where they show their history through different pieces of furniture, tools and elements that belonged to successive owners.

- Some ranches also offer among their services, the possibility of spending the night there and enjoy some relaxing days.

Overnight accommodations.

Day 9


Buenos Aires to Iguazu

- Transfer to the domestic airport to take your flight to Iguazu.

- Arrive Puerto Iguazu and transfer to the hotel.

Overnight accommodations.

Day 10


Iguazu Falls Tour


- The visitor will find more than 270 water falls along the cliffs and islets, split into a half moon that is the shape of this beautiful geographical feature.

- From the visitors center, the paths can be covered on foot or a picturesque little train can be chosen for that purpose.

- The National Park has two circuits to be covered: one at a lower surface and the other at the upper one. In the lower circuit, one can reach the base of the falls, where the magnificence of their beauty can be appreciated. In the upper circuit, the tour is a bit more sedentary where unique landscapes can be viewed from footbridges and viewpoints, which makes the tour an unforgettable experience.

Overnight accommodations.

Day 11


- Transfer to the airport to take your flight back to Buenos Aires.

- Arrive the domestic airport and transfer connection to Ezeiza to take the international flight(s) back home.

Additional Package Information

 Package Includes

  • Transfers and excursions are in private or shared service with English speaking guide assistance
  • Entrance fee to Rapa Nui National Parks
  • 10 nights Accommodations with breakfast buffet included
  • Meals indicated in the program as follows: (B) Breakfast (L or BL) Lunch or Box Lunch (D) Dinner
  • Valid March & April 2019.

 Package Does Not Include

  • Early check-in or late check-out
  • Taxes. All foreigner nonresident in Chile or Argentina are tax exempt (19%)
  • Domestic/ international air tickets and any airport fees
  • Entrance fees to IGR National Park: USD 24.00 per person, Subject to changes, all must pay them included the TC
  • Eco Tourism tax Puerto Iguazu: USD 1.8 per person, per night. Must be paid on spot, no free of charge
  • Tips for the guides, drivers, at restaurants
  • Personal expenses
  • Services and meals not detailed

 Package Notes

  • Rates are subject to confirmation and price change
  • Itinerary could be changed according to flight schedules, climate conditions, or in order to provide a better service.
  • Museums are closed on Mondays.
  • - Black-out in Easter Island: Tapati Party (Jan 23 / Feb 11 approx.)
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Argentina Package 4 of 16

11 Days/10 Nights Argentina Vacation Package

General Information

  • Capital: Buenos Aires
  • Government: Federal presidential republic
  • Currency: Argentine peso (ARS)
  • Area: 2,766,890 km2
  • Population: 39,921,833 (July 2006 est.)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 92%, Protestant 2%, Jewish 2%, other 4%
  • Electricity: 220V/50Hz (European plug)
  • Calling Code: +54
  • Time Zone: UTC -3

Points of Interest

  • Tango in Buenos Aires
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Valparaiso and Viña Del Mar
  • Easter Island
  • Cerro Santa Lucia
  • Plaza De Armas & Moneda Palace in Santiago
  • Recoleta, San Telmo, Boca District and Mayo Plaza in Buenos Aires
  • Gaucho Party