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About Us

At Condor Tours & Travel, as we celebrate 30 years in business, we continue to offer travel worldwide. We have assembled our travel specialist team and staff team to cater to worldwide travel request. We specialize in personalized and customized travel packages to help you achieve your travel interest and discover the world. Whether you seek to just get away or have a more exotic travel interest, we can make it happen. In this era of online travel you lose the connection and knowledge that we can offer you. Our sales team combines years of experience as well as destination experience in preparing travel packages. We use our expertise and vast array of resources to create your travel packages.

We offer all-inclusive vacation packages or can custom tailor a package for you or a group, and can provide you with tour packages, leisure or adventure travel, safaris, fishing, surfing, cruises – Ocean and River as well as all-inclusive resorts. We can accommodate any number of guests – from one to one hundred - for group tours and special interest travel or unique travel requests. You can spend time researching travel online but when you are ready to book, let us handle the leg work. As a long time travel company we have connections and inside information that often allow us to improve on anything you secured doing it on your own online. Also, when circumstances change, we handle all the leg work needed while you go about your daily life.

Give us a call, and let one of our travel professionals help you plan the vacation of your dreams.

Meet Our Team

Lori Snow

Lori Snow is CEO of Condor Tours & Travel. She was born in the country of Panama, carries 2 passports and has dual citizenship and is fluent in English and Spanish. Her family helped build the Panama Canal where she spent her childhood years. Lori is married to Virgil Snow now for 39 years and has 3 grown children Alexandria, Nicholas and Sara and one son-in-law Cameron, daughter in Law Kristen and Grandson - Thomas. Hoping to have more grandkids soon. Lori loves sports and was a college all American Tennis player, she is an avid tennis player still today and also is certified as a teaching pro. Her other hobbies are yoga and world travel . Lori spends a quarter of the year visiting places worldwide. She has done Safaris in South Africa, explored the Galapagos Darwin style, glacier hiked in Argentina, stood at Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope, Climbed Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu in Peru, hiked from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean through the rainforest , hiked portions of Torres Del Paine in Chile and has gone white water rafted in Alaska, Costa Rica, Chile and the Amazon. She has swan in the Panama Canal, sand boarded in Nicaragua on a volcano, caught Marlin in the Pacific, drank holy water from Mary’s home in Ephesus and shared tribal Mayan experiences in Guatemala. She has seen many amazing landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Tower of London, the Coliseum, the Parthenon, and Ephesus. She even caught a pick pocket in action in Bratislava.

Lori is active in the community supporting Alzheimer’s to help raise money to find a cure. Her other desire is to help those fight addiction to drugs and alcohol and to help those affected families to deal with it. She speaks from personal experience whenever she can to help others. She is also part of an all women organization that raises funds specifically for non-profits that help young females with their dreams.

She has been a member of the Gwinnett chamber for over 14 years and a former member of the Chairman’s club. Lori now serves as a volunteer ambassador for the Gwinnet Chamber of Commerce.

You can reach Lori at 770-339-9961. Contact her to plan your next travel experience and learn the advantages to using a trained travel specialist.

Pat Pritchard

Pat has been in the travel industry since 1975 and before that worked for the airlines. She has always loved that travel changes daily and requires constant research to be able to talk about and discuss areas of the world. She loves traveling to "off the beaten path" places and enjoys fishing and outdoor activities (even though she is saying her age is telling her to slow down now). And she loves the ability to share these adventures with clients share same sense of adventure.

She has done everything in the travel business from leisure travel, corporate travel, and group travel (along with accounting and managing). But she really enjoys the Wholesale business and the Central and South American market. She's learning a whole new end of the business and traveling to some amazing destinations such as Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, and Galapagos; along with quite a few cruises.

You can reach her at 770-338-8427. She is ready to help you plan the most unique travel experiences ever.

Cindy Mahaffey

I am an organizer…plain and simple. What better way to use my skills but to be a travel specialist.

To be a travel specialist, you must have a passion for people, travel and be mindful of the client you are assisting at the time. I hold 3 skills needed to be a productive and efficient travel professional.

I listen. This skill is most important when getting to know your client. I love to talk with a client, understanding their wishes and producing an itinerary, suitable for the entire party. By listening, I can better choose the path in which to make this dream vacation come true.

I research. Life doesn’t allow me to visit every beautiful area in this big beautiful world. I love to take the information learned by my talks with the client and research their destination. I study an area whether I’ve been their or not. This gives me a sense of confidence when looking for accommodations or tours in the area. I want to know my clients are safe in the cities and areas I have placed them.

I am detailed oriented. Most of my clients come to me scared of planning a big trip. They’re afraid of leaving out an important feature in the itinerary or booking a transfer time before the flight comes in. This is a skill that every travel specialist must have. When an itinerary is complete, the features must fit together like a puzzle. The biggest compliment I can get is for a client to come home from a trip and say it was “seamless”. When I hear those words, I know I have done my job.

Reach out to me to arrange your next travel experience.

Susan Nock

Meet our Finance Manager, Susan Nock. Susan has worked with Condor Tours & Travel since 2009, and her education in business and finance uniquely qualifies her for her position within the company. Susan is one of those unusual people who enjoys working with numbers and actually finds them interesting!

Susan loves to travel and through her work with Condor Tours & Travel, has enjoyed being able to visit the countries of Panama, Peru, and Ecuador.

In her free time, Susan loves to run, do yoga, play pickle ball, and read, and she is a passionate volunteer for the Humane Society in her community. Susan enjoys helping people and one way she is able to accomplish that is by helping them travel to the destinations of their dreams.

Virgil Snow

Virgil Snow- CFO - has been married to Lori for almost 39 years and helped her raise 3 grown children. He is also the proud grandparent of Thomas and a future grandson scheduled to arrive October 2020. Virgil had 40 year in business with 15 years in banking and mortgages. He assumed the role of CFO in 2016 to assist with the growing travel business. Virgil recently retired from business except for helping at Condor and began a last career as a teacher for special needs children. He loves changing lives and giving back to the country that has been so good to him. Virgil plays tennis and has recently been certified to scuba dive. Virgil reads one or two books a week and plays poker with some friends weekly.

Gwinnett County, GA Chamber Travel Agency Award