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Colombia Travel Tours (31)

Colombia travel tour - Bogota City Tour w/Monseratte Hill & Paloquemao
Bogota City Tour w/Monseratte Hill & Paloquemao
8 +/- hours

The tour starts with an early morning visit to the Paloquemao’s Market. This is one of the largest and most important markets in the country. Paloquemao presents the perfect mix of the old and...

Colombia travel tour - Humming bird Haven  & Chingaza Excursion
Humming bird Haven & Chingaza Excursion
8 +/- hours

We start the day with a visit to Observatorio de Colibries, an impressive hummingbird haven where we’ll find at least twelve species of hummingbirds in their natural state, belonging to the high...

Colombia travel tour - Flower Experience in Santa Helena
Flower Experience in Santa Helena
4 +/- Hour

The small village of Santa Elena is located less than an hour outside of Medellín in the mountains of Antioquia (over 2000 m high). It is home to a great variety of traditional flower farmers....

Colombia travel tour - Otún Quimbaya Wildlife Sanctuary
Otún Quimbaya Wildlife Sanctuary
6-hours +/-

Between undulating hillsides covered by patches of haze, the wax palms look majestic Located in the department of Risaralda, the Otún Quimbaya Flora and Fauna Sanctuary is the ideal place to...

Colombia travel tour - Zipaquirá’s Salt Cathedral Visit
Zipaquirá’s Salt Cathedral Visit
6-hours +/-

his visit begins with a panoramic view of the city and the vast plateau of the northern area of Bogotá. You will arrive to the small town of Zipaquirá where you will take an underground tour to...

Colombia travel tour - Zipaquirá's Salt Cathedral & Usaquén
Zipaquirá's Salt Cathedral & Usaquén
8 +/- hours

Today’s tour starts with a panoramic drive to Zipaquirá, Colombia’s salt mining capital at just under 50km north of Bogotá. Zipaquirá is famous for its Salt Cathedral, which was carved...

Colombia travel tour - Cartagena City tour & Monuments
Cartagena City tour & Monuments
4 +/- Hour

Today you will visit the "Convento de Popa" where the city’s highest point is located and you can enjoy the best view of the beautiful city of Cartagena. This convent was built in the 17th...

Colombia travel tour - Boquilla Mangroves & Getsemani Tour
Boquilla Mangroves & Getsemani Tour

The tour begins with a visit to “La Boquilla”, an old fishing village located twenty minutes north from the city. This community was once a slave colony and it has been home to many...

Colombia travel tour - Guatapé & Peñol
Guatapé & Peñol
8 +/- hours

The Peñol Boulder is one of the most spectacular destinations in the surrounding area of Medellín. The 200-meter-high monolith can be climbed through a staircase of 740 steps. Enjoy...

Colombia travel tour - Rosario Islands - Majagua
Rosario Islands - Majagua
8 +/- hours

The day starts at your hotel where you will be picked up and transferred to the port. The boat usually departs at 9:00 am. You will head out from the port into open water for a 60 minute ride...

Colombia travel tour - Medellin's Social Transformation Tour
Medellin's Social Transformation Tour
8 +/- hours

You will experience the social transformation that the city has had, from the times it was consider the capital of drug trafficking in the decades of the 80s and 90s, to being an example of...

Colombia travel tour - Inspiration Tour & Butterfly Garden
Inspiration Tour & Butterfly Garden
6-hours +/-

Hacienda Combia is a coffee farm that has developed a unique tour, composed of nine stops that recreates the essential elements, environmental conditions and technical processes that are needed to...

Colombia travel tour - Colonial Tour & Real Food, People, Places
Colonial Tour & Real Food, People, Places
6-hours +/-

The tour begins with a visit to the “Convento de la Popa”, where the city’s highest point is located and you can enjoy the best view of the beautiful city of Cartagena. The Augustinian Monks...

Colombia travel tour - Real Food, Real Places & Real People
Real Food, Real Places & Real People
2 +/- Hours

We invite you to enjoy this delicious and colorful experience where you will be able to taste some of the local flavors of the city and learn about its culture. This walking tour through the inner...

Colombia travel tour - Salento & Cocora Valley Experience
Salento & Cocora Valley Experience
8 +/- hours

Join us for a visit to the beautiful Cocora Valley located in the department of Quindío. This majestic valley is home to the wax palm, Colombia’s national tree and the tallest variety of palm...

Colombia travel tour - Filandia, Salento & the Cocora Valley Adventure
Filandia, Salento & the Cocora Valley Adventure
8 +/- Hours

oin us for a visit to the traditional village of Filandia, where you will enjoy a tour around the small town. You will visit main attractions like the Plaza de Bolívar, the colonial streets and...

Colombia travel tour - Tayrona National Park Tour
Tayrona National Park Tour
6-hours +/-

Our guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel to start a walking tour in which you can know the Arrecifes sector at the Tayrona National Park. A private vehicle will take you north of the...

Colombia travel tour - Taironaka Hiking Adventure
Taironaka Hiking Adventure
6-hours +/-

Taironaka is a natural and archaeological reserve whose territory extends over what was once an ancient Tayrona city. The walking trails through the reserve will take you through the history of...

Colombia travel tour - Biking Tour in Cartagena
Biking Tour in Cartagena
3 +/- hours

Your guide will pick you up to start rolling the charming streets of Cartagena. On this occasion, we will visit Getsemaní a neighborhood located in front of the historic center. Two-hour...

Colombia travel tour - San Alberto Coffee Tasting
San Alberto Coffee Tasting
3 Hours +/-

About an hour outside of Armenia lies the town of Buenavista, the smallest municipality in Colombia. There, up in the hills you will find a premium coffee producer: Hacienda San Alberto. San...

Colombia travel tour - Villa Del Leyva Walking Tour
Villa Del Leyva Walking Tour
4 hours +/-

In the morning you will enjoy a walking tour through the colonial town; you will learn more about the culture of the people and its interesting architecture as you pass through the different...

Colombia travel tour - Bocadillo Factory Tasting
Bocadillo Factory Tasting
2 hours +/-

On the way to Barichara you will stop at Barbosa to visit a Bocadillo factory. Bocadillo is a sweet made with guava pulp and panela, or sugar cane, that is condensed into a bitesize snack and...

Colombia travel tour - Chicamocha Canyon Exploration
Chicamocha Canyon Exploration
3 +/- Hours

On the way you will stop to use the aerial cable that crosses the Chicamocha canyon, at the next station you will board the vehicle again to go to you next stop.

The Chicamocha Canyon is...

Colombia travel tour - Ceviche and Mojito Demonstration
Ceviche and Mojito Demonstration
2 hours +/-

Ceviche is a very typical dish in many Latin American countries. Although depending on the country the recipe varies and even the name, in all of them the main ingredient is fresh fish. We can...

Colombia travel tour - Rum and Chocolate Tasting
Rum and Chocolate Tasting
1 +/- Hour

The specialized Colombian Rum & Chocolate Tasting is the most popular experience at El Arsenal. Each grade of rum and chocolate are carefully selected, and paired, to give the client a unique...

Colombia travel tour - Sacred Lake of Guatavita and Bogota Gold Museum
Sacred Lake of Guatavita and Bogota Gold Museum
8 +/- Hours

The tour starts with an early morning visit to Bogotá’s Gold Museum, the world’s largest collections of pre-Columbian gold, and a must-see when traveling to Colombia.

Continue to...

Colombia travel tour - San Agustín Archaelogical Park
San Agustín Archaelogical Park
4 +/- Hours

Private half-day visit to the San Agustín Archaeological Park, consisting of four "Tables" with tombs, temples and zoomorphic statues, the ceremonial fountain of Lavapatas, the Forest of the...

Colombia travel tour - Popayán - White City of Colombia Tour
Popayán - White City of Colombia Tour
3 +/- Hours

During this tour we visit the historic center of Popayán characterized by its unique colonial architecture that has given it the name of "White City of Colombia". Despite being a small city (less...

Colombia travel tour - Cali City Tour
Cali City Tour
6 +/- hours

During this tour visit the most representative places of the city, starting from the downtown, where you will find the Plaza de Caicedo, Metropolitan Cathedral of San Peter Apostol, Church of San...

Colombia travel tour - See & Taste Bogota
See & Taste Bogota
3 +/- hours

After being picked up from your hotel, you will be taken to the Zona Rosa district in Bogotá. This unique and distinguished area offers nice restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. You will visit...

Colombia travel tour - San Alberto Coffee Baptism
San Alberto Coffee Baptism
1 +/- Hour

Enjoy a coffee experience that awakes the senses. You will start to appreciate and enjoy the particular attributes of specialty coffee through a delicious sensorial exploration. Today’s...